VirtualBox 7.0 is out with their DirectX 11 support using DXVK

Well this was an interesting one entering the GOL inbox recently. VirtualBox, the general-purpose full virtualizer has a big new release out and even they are now using DXVK.

DXVK is the Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 for Linux / Wine that’s used in Proton. There’s also DXVK-Native, designed for running apps and games that have Linux Native builds (like VirtualBox itself in this case). It’s quite incredible to see how this amazing open source tech is being used in more places, just goes to show how essential and performant it has become.

Some of what’s new in VirtualBox 7.0 includes:

  • Virtual machines can be fully encrypted now, including the VM config logs and saved states (CLI only for now).
  • GUI: Added a new utility similar to “top” or “resource monitor” which lists peformance statistics (CPU usage, RAM usage, disk I/O rate, etc.) of running guests.
  • GUI: Improved theme support on all platforms. Linux and macOS use native engine while for Windows host it is separately implemented.
  • Audio: Added “default” host driver type to make it possible to move VMs (appliances) between different platforms without the need of changing the audio driver explicitly. When the “default” driver is selected, the best audio backend option for a platform will be used. This is the default for newly created VMs.
  • Linux Guest Additions: Reworked guest screen re-size functionality, added basic integration with some of guest Desktop Environments.
  • Devices: Implemented new 3D support based on DirectX 11 (and DXVK on non Windows hosts).
  • EFI: Added support for Secure Boot.
  • GUI: Improving mouse handling in multi-monitor case on X11 platform.
  • Devices: Added virtual IOMMU devices (Intel and AMD variant).

Plus quite a lot more you can see on the official site, they’ve been busy.

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