A Must-Have Data Recovery Tool For Your System

Many situations and reasons can lead to data loss in your professional or personal life. These causes can range from accidental deletion of essential data to sudden system failure resulting in the loss of all data. As this situation can arise suddenly for many reasons, it is good to have a data recovery tool as your backup plan.

If you are on the hunt for a great recovery utility tool with all the features for recovering a deleted file, you are at the right place. This article will discuss why a data recovery tool is necessary and what tool you should use.

Part 1: Why It is Necessary to Always have Data Recovery Tool

Having an excellent data recovery tool in your arsenal is not just an option but something you really need. It doesn’t matter which field of life you work in; the digital revolution has made all the working fields dependent on digital data.

If that data is lost for any reason, it can cause significant trouble. That’s why having a reliable tool as your hidden ace is a must. Below we have explained a few of the major fields where you can lose your essential data and need to have a data recovery tool: 

1. Businesses

When working for a company or running your own business, there is a lot of data that you need to secure and maintain. These can include important business documents like contracts, proposals, presentations, etc. You can also lose important records like tax returns, payroll, employee records, etc. Any loss of these documents and records can cost you a lot; that’s why the data tool recovery tool is a must-have utility for you.

2. Marketing Agencies

In marketing, most of your work revolves around downloading and uploading data from the internet. Most of your essential data, like client records, marketing plans, strategies, proposals, content, etc., is at constant risk of loss, amplified by constant internet. If your company systems become a target of a cyberattack like malware or ransomware, you can suffer a considerable loss. So, you need a reliable data recovery tool if you are running a marketing agency.

3. Photographers

The photography field consists of you dealing with a lot of data in multimedia form, which is more prone to damage and loss. As a photographer, you have to go on shoots, take wedding pics and record movies, deal with different events and work on heavy editing software. When dealing with videos and photos, most of the time, the only choice you have is to recover them somehow, as it is impossible to reshoot them. All of this makes it necessary for you to find a powerful data recovery tool.

4. Educational Institutes

If you manage an educational institute, you need to maintain a lot of data. This data could include staff information, salary records, course timelines, targets, etc. Regarding students, important data can consist of student admission records, grades, fee receipts, thesis, reports, etc. Educational institutes’ important financial, administrative, and legal records are also stored digitally and are always at risk of being lost.

Part 2: The Best Data Recovery Utility Tool for Your System

Whenever your essential data is lost, the best thing to do is to look for a way to recover your data. A quick search on the internet will provide you with a list of tools you can use to recover your data. If you are wondering which tool to use, our recommendation, based on features and price, is Wondershare Recoverit. It is an excellent tool for recovering your lost data in over 500 scenarios. The file formats it supports for recovery are over 1000, and it supports over 2000 types of storage devices.


Recoverit can recover your data from damaged external storage devices, cameras, smartphones, etc. If your system has crashed and is not booting, you can use Recoverit to extract your essential data from it. You can use its Advanced Video Recovery mode to recover your high-quality videos without losing quality. Apart from providing you with data recovery options, it also has a splendid video repair feature that you can use to repair any of your essential media files.

Part 3: How to Recover Your Lost Data in Original Format and Quality

The recovery process of lost data using Recoverit is short and straightforward. As long as you have installed Recoverit on your system and remember the drive where your lost data was located, the data can be recovered. If your lost data was on an external storage device, it must be connected to your system when retrieving it. Following are the steps you need to recover your lost data:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Targeted Location

When you have launched Recoverit on your system, choose the location where your lost data was located. You can select it from the “Hard Drives and Locations” tab from the main interface. It will list out all internal and external hard disks for you to choose from.


Step 2: Perform a Scan on Targeted Location

Press “Start” to scan the location you have selected. It will take a short time for the scan to complete. During the scanning process, you can check the data as it is being recovered on the main screen. You can use the filters like “File Type,” “Time,” “File Size,” and “All Files” to pinpoint your lost files. In case your files don’t get recovered using Quick Scan, use Deep Scan.


Step 3: Recover and Save Your Lost Data

Once you have pinpointed your lost files, you can confirm these by using the “Preview” feature of Recoverit. To preview a file, double-click on it or select the “Preview” button in front of it. After confirmation, you can recover these files by tapping “Recover” and providing the location where you want to save the recovered files.


Final Thoughts

The loss of data is an inevitable part of our digital life. Data loss can still occur regardless of the steps you take to secure your data, from having top-class antivirus software to creating comprehensive backups. The best option is to have an excellent data recovery utility tool like Recoverit alongside maintaining data security. So, download and try Recoverit to find out more about it.

A Must-Have Data Recovery Tool For Your System